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Universal polyester (styrene free) resin - European Approval for 15 substrates
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Universal polyester (styrene free) resin - European Approval for 15 substrates

Features and Benefits
  • Approved for use in non-cracked concrete (EAD 330499-01-0601), working life up to 100 years
  • Available in a winter version with faster curing time. It can be used from -20°C.
  • Three colors - standard, stone & gray
  • The most convenient bonded anchor for general purpose use
  • Quick, secure and simple installation
  • Product with wide spectrum of use in the medium load capacity area
  • Ideal for applications where mechanical anchors are not suitable
  • Easy dosage thanks to patented self-opening system and use of manual or electric gun
  • Option of use standard manual silicone gun
  • Suitable for multiple use. Partly used product can be reused after fitting new nozzle
Certificates, approvals
Base Material
  • Non-cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60
  • Natural Stone (after site testing)
Installation Guides
  • Drill hole to the required diameter and depth for stud size being used.
  • Solid substrates: clean the drill hole thoroughly with brush and hand pump at least four times before installation.
  • Insert cartridge into gun and attach nozzle.
  • Dispense to waste until even colour is obtained.
  • Insert the mixer nozzle to the bottom of the drill hole and inject resin, slowly withdrawing the nozzle as the hole is filled to 70% of its depth.
  • Immediately insert the stud, slowly and with slight twisting motion. Remove any excess resin around the hole before it sets and leave it undisturbed until the curing time elapses.
  • Attach fixture and tighten the nut to the required torque.
High racking
Sanitary appliances
Steel constructions
Cable trays
Base Materials
Non-cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60
Natural Stone (after site testing)
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